Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Online Armor 4, Windows 7 and 2010 is fast upon us

Online Armor v4 is released with Windows 7 Support

Just a few weeks ago Microsoft released Windows 7. Unlike their Vista launch, Windows 7 looks like it's going to be huge. I'll be installing it myself when I get a spare moment.

Unlike when Vista Launched, we're only a couple of weeks behind with our Version 4 with Windows 7 support, which I am really, really happy to release today in Free, Premium and OA++ versions. The release process has already started - should be done in a few hours.

This really is an incremental update to Online Armor; We've added Win7 support of course (32-bit only for now), but we've also fixed bugs, made performance enhancements and improved history logging to help you help yourself if something goes wrong.

We've also put a lot of effort these last few weeks into OASIS, trying to get as many files processed as possible to reduce popups.

If you're an existing Online Armor user, we think you'll enjoy this upgrade; If you haven't yet tried Online Armor we think we'll make a great first impression.

...and some pricing changes

Since we released Online Armor ++ we've been closely monitoring feedback from our users, sales rates, complaints, compliments - general observations from our customers.

One or two things become rather clear: firstly, many people think that Online Armor premium is $39.95 per year. And many people think that Online Armor Premium is too expensive.

To solve this, we've changed the pricing on Online Armor Premium. As of today, Online Armor Premium is $19.95. The price of subscription has also been changed to $19.95. This means that we don't have to keep explaining that the first year is $39.95 and subsequent years are cheaper.

As ever, you do not need a subscription to continue to use most Online Armor functions, but updates and server-side capabilities such as OASIS will not work without one.

As a result of this change, we've also dropped the pricing on our Family (3 User) and Family Plus (5 User) packs of Online Armor in line with the reduced pricing on Online Armor single user edition.

The pricing of OA+ remains unchanged, save for a slight increase in annual subscription costs. All in all, the pricing of our products is now fairer and more transparent.

We're going to try these prices until the end of 2009 and see how they go.

...thanks to our (extended) team, there is more to come

We're not a monster like Symantec; our development team is small; our support team is small and a large part of what we do is through the help of volunteers. What sets us apart is the dedication of our team; Our development team work all kinds of crazy hours - they hate anything that can get past OA; our beta test team and our forum admins keep our support efforts on track. We've built a community of nice and friendly people over the last few years and we are very very proud of it.

Now our development team is working on Windows 7 x64 - exciting times are ahead.


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