Sunday, March 22, 2009

Eating our own dogfood: Shopping cart updated

We've replaced our shopping cart

As part of rolling out Tall Emu CRM internally, we've deployed the shopping cart component to the Online Armor website. It's been live for about a week and a bit now, and is proving a lot more reliable than the original one (which we knocked off in a couple of days before Online Armor launched).

For a start, our family pack systems before were pretty incomprehensible and we found a lot of people would go through the shopping cart just to figure out what it costs. Now, we can list our products easily - in different variations, and different licence durations so people can compare.

We're also able to deliver other products inside the cart as well - where previously, it was only Online Armor. So we can do things like the admuncher and a-Squared bundles with ease.

Lastly - and most excitingly - when we finish rolling out CRM internally (we have a few customer jobs to complete first) - the cart and the CRM will be linked and synched in real time. It means we'll have "one view" of our customers, and the interactions with them.

We're excited.

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