Thursday, April 3, 2008

Online Armor Awarded Best Firewall Software of 2008

Online Armor has been further acclaimed as the "Best Firewall Software of 2008".

Scot Finnie in conjunction with over a 1000 of his readers have been reviewing and testing all the major players in the firewall category. This process started way back in the later part of 2006.

Tall Emu are very proud of this result as it is co-reviewed by end users, takes into account third-party testing and has been ongoing for more than a year. Plus the award is against both a firewalls security credentials and its usability.
Here is the final paragraph of the review taken directly from the formal review by Scot Finnie Newsletter.

“Online Armor (the paid version) is the best firewall I’ve ever tested, offering a blend of usability and hard-wired security that’s near-ideal for maximizing protection and ensuring a good user experience. A great firewall doesn’t have to be, and shouldn’t be, a chore to use. Online Armor isn’t.

A year and a half after launching this quest, naming OA the Best Firewall Software of 2008 came naturally. The very best products have a way of standing out.”
About Scot Finnie
Scot Finnie has been a journalist and magazine editor for nearly 25 years. He has worked on staff at several computer magazines and online publications, including Computerworld, where he is Editor in Chief.
He has also served on the editorial staffs of ZDNet, PC/Computing, InformationWeek/Techweb, and Windows Magazine. He's written articles in the past for numerous other publications, including CFO, CNET, PC World, PC Magazine, MacWeek, Byte, Popular Science, and Popular Mechanics.
Scot’s Newsletter is Finnie's personal blog and newsletter. It covers operating systems (primarily Windows and Macintosh), security, the Internet, and technology at large.

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