Thursday, March 27, 2008

Firewall Challenge - Online Armor Awarded the No. 1 spot

Sydney, Australia, 26th March 2008
Tall Emu, a leading personal firewall developer, is pleased to announce that the free version of Online Armor Personal Firewall has come out on top in the most recent Personal Firewall Analysis tests performed by Matousec Transparent Security on March 25th 2008. Online Armor beat 10 of the top personal firewalls and security suites, becoming the only product to receive the coveted 100% success rating in the leak tests.
What is a firewall leak test?
Leak tests are small, non-destructive programs designed by security experts that deliberately attempt to bypass a firewall's outgoing security measures. The rationale behind them is simple: If these tests can get past your computer's security defences, then so can a hacker. Explicitly designed to help identify a firewall's security flaws, leak tests inform the user whether or not their firewall is providing adequate protection.
This result comes a day after Online Armor was awarded “Best Firewall of 2008” by Scot’s Newsletter. (He is also Editor in Chief at Computerworld)


Darko said...

Online Armor did not beat Outpost Firewall Pro 2009, it was 99% VS 98%, but anyway it is a excellent score!

Mike Nash said...

This is an old post - at the time Outpost 2009 was not released.

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